Working with teams require more than just sales skills. Leadership and teaching skills are the keywords when working with groups of salesmen within your organisation. 


You might be spending too much money, time and energy on average sales results. What happens at the end is you either shut down your business, you need external funding or are running in circles, never actually earning more money at the end of the week.

That is why you need a better sales strategy, that will work for you, to get you the results you want.  
Outdated knowledge; we take what they know and reuse it in a modern way. 
Thinking they know everything; at this point what usually happens is they forget the basics, so I bring them to where they started and show them, they could be doing more with less. 
Lack of motivation; many teams lack motivation. By defining better goals that are aligned between your team and your company will guarantee more sales. 
Lack of vision; transferring the company vision to their own takes effort and time, but when it happens, your team will become better, faster and more productive. 
Not knowing who does what; defining roles within the company helps the whole structure work better, faster and lighter, because they start trusting each other with the completion of their best work. 
Not having any sales or communication skills (or lack of it); by taking them by hand, I can transfer my 14+ years of sales experiences and teach them how to approach clients, how to make better connections, close more sales and much more. 
Not having a system; did it ever happen that 2 team members called the same prospect? Using the right system doesn’t allow those errors to happen. 
and More...

Revitalize Your Sales Strategy

If you have an amazing product or service and a team that is working day and night to sell it, but you are not satisfied with the results you’re getting or don’t know whether your team could be more efficient, I could help you redefine your sales and make more profits for the company, meaning less stress, more fun, a better system and happy people who bring in better results. At the end of the day, more money for you, the owner. 


Rok Slama

"You don't need to be great to start, but you need to start to be great!" - Zig Ziglar

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