About Rok

I help people connect with likeminded individuals. When coaching my clients we focus on how to connect better, sale better and live better. Some would even describe it as a life coaching. I like to think that those I can help come to me when they feel I can help, in any area they need.

I’m an eternal optimist, with a passion for people. I simply love interacting, getting to know different views of the world and helping them with connections or knowledge.

As a young scholar I was in love with soccer, but a physical condition with my hips took me that passion for life. I struggled with finding a new love for years, feeding my feelings with food, games and relationships. Finally a hard breakup opened my mind to the possibility that there is more in life and that sometimes the problem is ME. While being on the path of self growth I learned that I simply love sharing, giving and helping.

Today I am a father and a partner. I am an entrepreneur. I am a public speaker, organizer, trainer, writer and most of all, connector. I connect people with ideas and help them making it real.

My mission

My mission is to connect knowledge seekers with those who have the knowledge through an online and offline platform and a series of quality-first events.

My values

My core values are love, connection and integrity. I think that love is everywhere and in every thing. I feel empowered when I connect two likeminded people. Integrity helps me stay focused on quality over quantity.

The owner of the pictures are: Dober stik, me.
Photographer: Anže Grabeljšek

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